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First Knight Productions

Updates:  Live Performances

Move to Cromer, Norfolk in August 2012
Cromer Coast Festival Summer 2013:
Live Piano accompaniment to Silent Movie Footage at various venues in Cromer and Sheringham

Geoff’s Piano Sonata No 1 in C#major

 This was superbly premiered by Duncan Honeybourne at St John’s Church, Wimbledon, paired with Schumann’s Carnival, at lunchtime on Friday 27th January 2011.

After scrapping most of the 18 sonatas Geoff wrote before he was 18, it was plain to see how this attractive and mature work evaded ‘the Brahms Ultimate solution’ of being burned!

In it, Worthing Herald writer Richard Amey heard arresting elements of improvisation, fantasy, sound pictures and above all white hot passion. Honeybourne has the responsive temperament to convey Cummings-Knight’s overriding emotional content and commitment, in music immediately communicative with melody and which is warmly and consistently tonal.

The two-movement, 20-minutes-long Sonata comprises a ‘Toccata’, featuring lots of crossed hands in the turbulence and swirl of the music, and ‘Diversions’ on the ancient melody Pange Lingua, which ends in peace and consolation.

Piano Concerto

Duncan Honeybourne and Michael Jones performed a two piano version of Geoff’s Piano Concerto in Bristol 2006) (link  to http://www.worthingherald.co.uk/lifestyle/what-s-on/former_worthing_composer_s_birthday_tribute_1_236502

The latest performance of the Piano Concerto (a Worthing Symphony Orchestra commission in 1985)  in its full orchestral dress, was given in November 2011, in Birmingham  (link to http://www.wherecanwego.com/event/499986-central-england-ensemble-an-autumn-concert/events.aspx

Magnificat, Nunc Dimittis, Ballade, various Preludes, transcription of the Turning Year Cantata

These works were also performed at the event mentioned above.

Symphonic Prelude:   The Infancy of Hercules

An orchestral run through of Geoff’s Prelude, The Infancy of Hercules, took place in Buxton in 2008.  This work is yet to have its premiere.

String Symphony

An important work in four movements, this has been submitted to Central England Ensemble for future performance, which is still awaited.





Cummings-Knight Stage Plays

6 full length plays originally written for secondary school children await publication.

The most successful has been Sixtus V, receiving a public “read through” at Leeds University in 2004 and a week’s run at Doncaster Little Theatre in 2006.

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